November 2021 Insights

Published 24 Nov 2021

Vol. 18 | No. 4 | November 2021

European Space Agency – Wheatbelt, Western Australia

Climate policy ennui limits Australian agriculture

With COP26 in the rear-view mirror and a looming federal election likely to further inflame climate-focused rhetoric, this edition of Farm Institute Insights takes square aim at the political apathy on climate change leadership in Australia. While industry forges ahead with ambitious sector-specific targets, government ennui not only hinders market opportunities and cruels investment but also endangers efforts to secure a sustainable future for Australian agricultural production.

Published 24 Nov 2021

Emissions reduction policy has been the third rail of Australian politics. It has led to the implosion of governments, the removal of Prime Ministers, and generally been a quagmire of rhetoric, counter rhetoric and lack of ambition or leadership. Industries are told by government that emissions reduction targets will harm…

Published 24 Nov 2021

It is self-evident that a strong agricultural sector, availability of regional jobs and financial capital, and improved regional liveability are closely linked. Yet regionalisation policy has often failed to account for the mutual benefits of investment in the ag industry. A research paper completed for NSW Farmers earlier this year…

Published 23 Nov 2021

Ongoing discussions about net zero emissions targets have kept media headline writers busy over the past several months. As the move towards a low-carbon economy gathers momentum, options are growing for agriculture to take up an integral role in the sequestration of carbon to achieve economy-wide goals.

Published 24 Nov 2021

What AFI staff are reading, listening to and watching: the Millennial Farmer; assessing the climate impact of wild pigs; optimising carbon farming and production; giving a f*&% about farming; Canberra’s regional food; and the benefits of dark skies
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