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Farm 政策 Journal is published quarterly by the Australian Farm Institute. It contains invited and contributed articles, addressing a range of policy issues that impact on agriculture. Australian Farm Institute members receive copies of the Journal, and it is also available by subscription, in either hardcopy or electronic format.

Farm 政策 Journal 欢迎合资格人士就有关农业政策议题作出贡献. Instructions for Authors may be accessed 在这里.

ISSN: 1449-2210 (print), 1449-8812 (online)
Publisher: Australian Farm Institute

Please note single Journal articles are not available in hard copy.

Published 1 Sep 2018

“除了死亡和税收,没有什么是确定的”:这句九州买球网址税收不可避免的谚语有很多来源,这是恰当的. 影响农业企业可持续性的监管(包括税收)是一个多头怪物,源自多种立法议程和政治平台. As is made clear in this…

Published 1 Feb 2018

信任, or more accurately a general lack of trust, in government, 业务, media and NGOs continues to be a significant issue in 2018. 农业也不能避免这种信任缺失,因此面临重大变化. A non-trusting general population is enabling a political environment…

Published 1 Sep 2017

基础设施通常被认为是理所当然的,当然通常不会成为充满激情的政策辩论的一部分——直到它失败. Whether it’s a railway, 桥, 路, 机场, telecommunication system or energy transmission utility, as long as it is working then it goes largely unnoticed. However, a major failure of…

Published 1 Jun 2017

1996年澳大利亚首次推出商业化转基因作物20周年之际,人们有机会回顾转基因作物的进展, the extent to which they have or have not delivered on their promise, and likely future developments in genetic modification. Papers included…

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