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The Australian Farm Institute has been established to conduct research into public policy issues impacting on the Australian farm sector, and to promote policy solutions that maximise the economic and social wellbeing of farmers. To do this, the Institute conducts research projects on specific farm policy issues, promoting the outcomes of this research to policy-makers.

The Institute has a commitment to ensuring research findings are the conclusion of high quality, rigorous and objective analysis. The Institute’s research is overseen by a Research Advisory Committee consisting of experienced senior researchers and academics. The Committee identifies strategic issues, and oversee the quality of research contracted out by the Institute to ensure it is of the highest calibre and is conducted objectively.

Broadly, the Institute’s research program is structured around three key themes:

  • Agricultural businesses – focusing on issues that impact on the ability of farmers to operate profitable businesses
  • Agricultural resources – focusing on natural resource management issues that impact on farmers
  • Agricultural communities – focusing on social issues impacting on farmers and their regional communities.

Research promotion is important to the Institute as it assists in the development of sound and innovative policy solutions, in addition to enlightening the wider community. A variety of publications are produced, including a quarterly journal, as well as seminars and events that provide opportunities for Institute researchers and policy-makers to exchange ideas.

Individuals and corporations are encouraged to contribute to, and become involved with, the work of the Institute. Membership of the Australian Farm Institute is available to individuals or organisations that have a significant interest in farming, agriculture, agribusiness or related industries.

While similar organisations exist at a more general level in Australia and in other developed economies, the AFI is the only stand-alone Institute of this nature established to focus solely on agricultural policy issues.


Policies that maximise the opportunity for Australian farmers and the agricultural sector to operate in a profitable and sustainable manner.


To enhance the economic and social wellbeing of farmers and the agricultural sector in Australia by conducting highly credible public policy research, and promoting the outcomes to policy-makers and the wider community.

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